The church secretariat is central to the smooth functioning of any church. In line with this, the URCSA Tshwane Secretariat is responsible for running the church office, handling the administrative responsibilities through the appointed church Administrator, developing and updating the church calendar, and providing support to the Reverend, church Council and its Executive Committee.


Similarly, it is also responsible for taking good care of the visitors and newcomers and it is for that reason, an essential part of the URCSA Tshwane’s public image and outreach.These are some of the significant elements that are critical to achieving the church’s goal and strategy of growing the church’s congregational membership and retaining it accordingly. Inevitably, this makes the Secretariat to be key in ensuring that the church’s database is well developed, updated regularly and maintained. The Secretariat, jointly with the Ward Leaders, is responsible for making certain that the church’s eleven (11) wards serve as its nerve centre and consequently their datasets become fundamental in shaping and informing the church’s main database. 







Additionally, the Secretariat is in charge of the church’s internal and external communication. This is done through publications, social media (Facebook and WhatsApp), branding, communication and marketing material, website, conferences and others. These serve as some of the pull factors to the URCSA Tshwane for the visitors and newcomers. On the other hand, the church’s external communication indisputably contribute to sharing some of the best practices and learning platforms with fellow sister churches.

The URCSA Tshwane’s Secretariat ensures that the church leverage on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) during the church service and functions / events in terms of sound system, video and picture cameras, recording of sermons / events for encouraging and supporting members’ spiritual well-being, screening and projecting the entire church service / function proceedings, and others.  

As part of the church’s accountability and transparency, Secretariat takes pride in ensuring that the Reverend’s annual State of the Church Address (SOCA) is compiled and presented professionally at the end of every financial year.


Operationally, the Secretariat has Communication and Publications Committee, ICT Committee and Sound and Audio Visual Crew.  As part of achieving the church’s goal on empowerment and education the youth is being capacitated, on a continuing basis, to participate effectively in all the Secretariat’s operational structures and committees.








Tshwane URCSA is a member of the URCSA-Northern Synod


 Telephone: : +27 12 373 8615

 E-mail: :
: 19 Matseke St, Attridgeville, PTA  










Tshwane URCSA is a member of the URCSA-Northern Synod. The Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa was formed by the unification of DRCA and the DRMC in April 1994. The run up tomthis union finds its origins in the decisions of 1978 where the reunification of the DRC family was then stated as the ideal.





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