Mr. E. Kgaphola
Mr. S. Matsena 



    Develop a communication plan based on the various phases of the church project

    Development of project implementation plan which is fully costed in terms of the project life cycle

    Incorporate initial post-construction maintenance into development contract

    Repairing and or replacement of church benches

    Establish a committee to co-ordinate and implement  fundraising initiatives

    Preserve church information using ICT based systems

    Revamp and repositioning of church signage

    Restrooms hygienic services (sanitary bins and accessories)

    Compile emergency plan

    Fix the churn table for babies








Tshwane URCSA is a member of the URCSA-Northern Synod


 Telephone: : +27 12 373 8615

 E-mail: :
: 19 Matseke St, Attridgeville, PTA  










Tshwane URCSA is a member of the URCSA-Northern Synod. The Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa was formed by the unification of DRCA and the DRMC in April 1994. The run up tomthis union finds its origins in the decisions of 1978 where the reunification of the DRC family was then stated as the ideal.





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